Our Furniture Refinishing Process

  1. First, we remove all hardware from the furniture
  2. Next, we disassemble backs, doors and any parts that need to be separated to make for a more complete refinishing project
  3. We use a chemical stripper in a flow over tank. We use very little stripper and gently scrub the furniture with a soft nylon brush. This technique is safe for veneer, solids and all types of wood. Think of it as "high tech" hand stripping
  4. We completely re-glue all structural areas, loose wood or veneer and then fill all chips, dents and gouges
  5. The piece is then completely sanded inside, outside, top and bottom
  6. We always discuss color options with our customer prior to staining. We can also paint a piece in any color or designer look
  7. Our standard refinishing is with pre-catalyzed lacquer. We offer any type of sheen to compliment your furniture such as flat, semi-gloss or gloss. We also offer wax, oil and French polish
  8. After a series of sealing and finishing the wood, we touch-up and blend all repairs and then can enhance colors to blend different types of wood
  9. Replacement parts are available and all brass is hand cleaned and polished
  10. It is at this final stage that we really set ourselves apart from other shops. We gently hand rub the wood with special compounds, water and fine steel wool to make the finish feel as good as it looks. For table tops we use air buffers and hand rubbing to get the ultimate look of the surface. This technique is usually only found in large factories due to the cost, time and labor. However, we have mastered the process over decades to offer our customers the perfect completed piece at a reasonable price.
Durham NC