Frequently Asked Questions

Are all refinishes comparable?

Absolutely not. Some refinishers have very little training and experience. It takes years of practice to know how to tackle a project. We offer straight forward advice for your particular situation.

Can refinishing reduce the value of my furniture?

Many people have been led to believe by tv shows such as the Antique Road Show that furniture will lose value upon restoration.

Peter Cook, Executive Producer of Antiques Roadshow wrote a commentary that appeared in the June 2002 edition of Professional Restorer's Magazine, a popular trade publication stating, "Well-conceived and well executed refinishing and restoration usually enhances the value of just about any piece of old furniture. Exceptions are those rare (usually museum quality) pieces that have somehow survived in great 'original' condition..." He goes on to say, "Most furniture has been well used (even abused), scratched, broken, and often repaired many times. How could such furniture not be improved by a good job of refinishing or restoring?"

We can reproduce exact missing parts

What type of furniture do you work on?

We work on all types of furniture. It can be a new store bought piece, a 50 year old family heirloom, a vintage period antique or anything that needs to be tended to. Some of our services include chair caning, rushing, upholstery work, carving, parts duplication, gold leafing and much more. We specialize in American, European and Oriental furniture.

Do you repair veneer and what exactly is veneer?

We work on veneer daily and have for many generations. Veneer is merely a thin cut of a species of wood typically applied over a ply or solid wood. The Egyptians used veneer over 3000 years ago. Many fine and very valuable pieces of furniture are veneered. Many unique looks can be achieved by only using veneer.

Do you dip furniture? I heard this is very detrimental to the wood

No, we do not dip. Dipping usually involves submerging the piece of furniture in 140F caustic soda (lye) which generally makes things delaminate or fall apart. We use a modern system called a flow over hand strip system. This is basically hand stripping with only 5 gallons of chemical stripper and a soft nylon brush. It is safe on all woods, furniture and finishes. Much faster than a brush and a bucket that I used as a boy.

What if my furniture is too large to bring to you?

Don't worry as we offer professional pick-up and delivery. We do all of our own work and safely blanket wrap and secure things in our vehicles.

I have a dining room table with damage on the top but the base looks fine. Do I have to refinish the entire piece?

We pride ourselves in honesty and offering our customers options. In some cases we can do what is called a touch up, clean and lacquer. Quite often we can refinish the top of a piece and clean up the base, with touch ups and a fresh coat of finish. This will save you money and the results look like a refinish.

Can you repair a damaged piece in my home?

With literally thousands of onsite repairs completed over the past 30 years, we are highly experienced in this type work. If a piece can be expertly repaired on site we will offer you this option. We have done this for Military claims, moving claims, normal wear and tear and commercial work.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Yes, we offer a one year written warranty on all of our work.

I know your kind of business uses many chemicals. What do you do with all of the waste?

We are proud that we are one of the states few OSHA approved furniture restoration shops. All of our chemical waste is collected and disposed of using federally approved guidelines. Remember, furniture refinishers are the original recyclers.

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