Restored Furniture Before & After

Below are some before and after examples of furniture restoration projects we have completed. Click on any image to view a larger version.

Victorian settee sent in for total refinishing and upholstery.
The customer graduated from West Point and wanted his wool blanket used as the fabric.
If you look closely at the front center back you will see a unique lions head.

Circa 1940 Wicker Doll Stroller
Belonged to customer's wife as a little girl. Was worn and aged well but needed a complete restoration.
This was a fun project from start to finish.

Circa 1955 Mid Century Modern dresser.
Nice blend of oak and walnut, plaster drawer inserts and elongated drawer handles.
Complete restoration.

1970's era maple end table. Badly damaged from water damage. Disassembled, new wood fabricated and original tiles installed and finished.

Surprise find for everyone.

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Restored furniture from the RMS Queen Mary

RMS Queen Mary restored furniture
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Rare family heirloom restored to its natural beauty

Rare family heirloom restored
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1970's era maple end table. Badly damaged from water damage. Disassembled, new wood fabricated and original tiles installed and finished.

This is a 20 foot x 8 foot conference table with serious damages in the center. Notice that our technician is actually sitting on top to make the repair. It turned out perfect. Another different job well done.

Custom built solid maple desks. Two desks duplicated for customer to their exact specifications. Locks were added as well as center drawer.

Before: Set of Renaissance Revival dining room chairs. Serious frame damage and overall bad condition, restoration was questionable.

After: Totally restored and recovered. Wood was mahogany, rosewood and ebony trim. 90 days to restore to pristine condition. Even the missing brass trim was reproduced.

200 year old, solid walnut frame sofa in serious house fire. Everyone thought it was a total loss. Another family heirloom restored.

Solid rosewood Chinese side chair (20 years old) with leg broken off. Re-glued, doweled, sanded and finished to match.

Circa 1940 Upholstered side chair - Someone else attempted to repair.

Fabric removed, frame repaired, leg repaired, touched up and finished to match and fabric reattached.

New triple dresser with left rear leg broken off and missing. Solid piece of wood is glued on and secured, then it is shaped by hand, and finally it is stained and finished with all distressing to match exactly.

Hudson circa 1930 9 foot pool table. Badly damaged from broken sewage line and years of misuse. Restored back to its original glory with walnut legs, mother of pearl inlay and rosewood rails. All bumpers were replaced as well as top of the line felt. A six month project of real devotion.

Pair of Victorian rosewood ladies chairs with tufted backs. Tops of each chair were breaking off and springs were hanging out. Wood repaired and cleaned and completely recovered.

Red leather chair, fathers favorite for 50 years. Completely restored in leather, including individual brass tack trim.

Solid cherry entertainment center hit with a 9mm gunshot during a drive by shooting. Before pictures show the extent of the damage. Duplicate parts are made and finished to replace the damaged parts. The damaged pieces are carefully removed and replaced with exact matching parts.

Estey circa 1900 pump organ. Left in a basement for years and suffering from severe water damage. Cabinet completely restored.

Show off your Alma mater. This plain pine rocker was transformed to a Ball State rocker. (However we have lots of blue paint)

Circa 1940 matching walnut pie crust tables with years of paint. Completely restored.

Circa 1938 adorable oak student desk with paper picture roller in back. Completely restored, including new slate and saving the pictures.

Beautiful solid mahogany shield back chair. Back broken off in move. Completely repaired.

New buffet, plastic molded broken corner.

Circa 1840 mahogany "Fall front desk", severe moving damage.

Mahogany circa 1945 chest. Completely restored.

Mother-of-Pearl Middle Eastern tables, damaged in shipping.

Henkel Harris solid mahogany side chair.

Circa 1840 rocker, from a historic Brownstone home in Harlem. Completely restored. Solid mahogany, leather, individual brass nail heads and original horse hair stuffing. 69 hours of total labor.

Completely restored side board.

1940's mahogany mirror destroyed by water damage.

Circa 1920 English oak arm chair, restored.

Circa 1915 solid Mahogany Partners desk, completely restored.

Broken Haitian sculpture, restored.

Circa 1890 Gothic revival ladies chair, restored.

1930's Quarter saw oak piano and bench, restored.

Circa 1890 Cherry work table damaged by fire.

Ash ice box circa 1900, completely restored.

Dog chewed Walnut/Rush Bottom Chair, completely restored.

Custom designed and built 9' wide banquette and tufted wall panels

Custom designed and built 9' wide banquette and tufted wall panels

Durham NC